Beers and Cameras LA: The Stalking Horse Pub
6:00 PM18:00

Beers and Cameras LA: The Stalking Horse Pub

Welcome to 2019!!! For our first meet-up of the year, we wanted to start at a place I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, The Stalking Horse. They brew their own beers, but there’s more than just beer at this spot. Come meet us this Saturday, Jan 19, at 6 PM for drinks, awesome food, and hopefully an awesome camera gear shot.

We’ll soon have the schedule for the next few months posted. Stay tuned, and meet us this Saturday to give some input if you have some cool spots you’d like to see added to the list!

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Beers and Cameras LA: The Dude's Brewing Company
2:30 PM14:30

Beers and Cameras LA: The Dude's Brewing Company

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Okay, everyone! So here’s the deal: it’s just been way too nice not to meet, even if it is close to Christmas. So we’re doing a west-side, beachy, late-afternoon-to-sunset photo walk and subsequent meetup at a fairly new spot we haven’t hit up yet: The Dude’s Brewing Company.

Meet us first this Saturday the 22nd at Bluestone Lane in Santa Monica at 2:30 PM for coffee (park for free in the neighborhood a block away). Then, walk around with us through Third Street Promenade, Ocean Ave., the beach, and the Santa Monica Pier if we have time before heading to The Dude’s Brewing Company’s Santa Monica location around 5-5:30 PM for what we do best: taking photos of beer (*cough* *cough*). The 8 PM ending is a soft ending. Stay as long as you want! No one is closing until quite a bit later.

Brings some film or some cleared off memory cards and shoot something awesome before your family photo extravaganzas steal your camera’s attention away. See you there.

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