Beers And Cameras™ Los Angeles

A meet-up?

Beers And Cameras Los Angeles is a bi-weekly meet-up group that meets at local breweries and restaurants, often bouncing from one to the other every 1.5 hrs. all while taking pictures, geeking-out on gear, and enjoying delicious indie-beer. The meet-ups are attended by photographers, videographers, and creatives looking to build a stronger local community. #CommunityFirst!


During these events, posting to your personal social media accounts is encouraged. The venues visited will often repost the photos uploaded and will receive a link from B&C with photos from those who want to share them. The venues are free to use these photos on their social media accounts, tagging the photographer and Beers and Cameras' Instagram and Facebook accounts. We encourage all share their photos in order to have their pictures reposted by the venue and Beers And Cameras LA. Link to our group Flikr account here.

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