TJ’s Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Disposable Review / by juan martinez

I told myself that as I started to travel more, I would take steps to better permanently capture my trips besides my iPhone. With friends already deep into photography, it wasn’t hard to find myself becoming more interested. 

  The trip that sparked my love for shooting was in 2017, when i traveled to the Philippines for the first time. You see, I’m Filipino-American and before my mother passed away, I never had the chance to experience it with her. I took it upon myself to absorb my culture as best as I could. Soon after, this one disposable camera was my “get-away” camera, coming with me to P

  For something so compact and light, it really caught the moments of candidness of everything. To add, I went a step further and did not process the film until it was expired a year after I had purchased it. I had seen the effects of expired film from friends and thought it would be a great touch to express my experience. 

Overall, whether you’re starting to shoot or an avid photographer, it’s just great to have as another form to capture beautiful moments without taking a second thought.

Guest post By,
T.J. Bingamon

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Taal Volcano, Philippines

Tagaytay, Philippines

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Tagaytay, Philippines

Tagaytay, Philippines