A6500 Vs. R-D1 In Sunlight / by juan martinez

I was out with the family and decided to take both our Sony A6500 and our Epson R-D1 and compare them for color using the same lens.  I used the Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.5 M-Mount on both bodies. 

A6500 at F2 (wide-open)

Epson F2

Above is the Sony A6500 with the lens at F2. Below it the Epson also at F2. In this case the Epson image was over exposed thus had to bring the exposure down to try and match the Sony. One thing right away were the green tones. The Sony had much darker green and the Epson lighter. Bokeh is generally the same, but even then not exact. There really is a relationship between lens and sensor that occurs on cameras. 

A6500 F2 Crop

Epson F2 Crop

You can clearly see the differences with the crops. 

A6500 F4

Epson F4

Unfortunately composition isn't 100% match as I didnt use a tripod. Next time I'll do a more in depth comparison. Cheers!