What's in Raquel Martinez / @rleannemartinez's bag / by juan martinez

Name: Raquel Martinez, San Diego, CA.  Pictures by: Juan Martinez, XPro-2 with Xf165

B&C: What's your go to camera set-up as a daily carry? And your bag?

RM: I bring my Fujifilm X70 and Nikon F3 everywhere I go. My Zkin Obia is currently my go to bag.

B&C: What do you find most appealing about that camera?

RM: The X70 may be small but it is one awesome little camera! Plus that Fuji color is my fav. 

B&C: And you shoot film as well?

RM: Yes! You don't see me pull out my F3 as often but I just love getting rolls back after I've been carrying it around for a while. Never know what jems you are going to find.

B&C: How about for more serious photography?

RM: I don't get too serious with my photography but when I do...I prefer a Sony full frame.


ZKIN Obia bag

Extra battery and film

Fujifilm X70

Nikon F3