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Beers and cameras XYZ is a month meetup group that meets at local breweries, bars and restaurants around Minnesota. Built on the idea that community is one of the most important aspects of art and everyone can learn from each other. Whether you have been shooting for years or are just interested in starting up, all are welcome :) 
Shoot the shit and shoot a roll with us 



During these events, taking photos while drinking and eating at the venues and meeting fellow creatives is what this meet-up is about. We are encouraged by the growth of communities in our chapters and know that Minnesota’s communities will be just as energized and pumped. If you have ever wanted to surround yourself with local artist with similar interest, here is your opportunity.

The venues  

We are choosing only the best local venues for our meet-ups! The venues we visit will not only get to have our outstanding group as patrons, they get to repost social media photos they like, plus they will receive a link from B&C with photos from those within the group wanting to share them. The venues are free to use these photos on their social media accounts, while tagging the photographer and Beers and Cameras' Instagram and Facebook accts. Best of all, as the community grows so will our ability to network and potentially partner-up with local business for special projects and more. Its a great time to get involved Sacramento!

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