We love to work with creative companies, brands and manufacturers making cool products. Check-out some of our projects below. 


Beers And Cameras Videos

During every Beers And Cameras meet-up we shoot a full fledged brewery interview and choose a photographer to highlight and interview as well. Videos are fully shot, edited and produced by B&C Ltd. for the Beers And Cameras meet-ups. Gear often used: Canon 5DmkIII, Sony A7Rii, Sony A7S, sliders, Djii Drone, steady cam, Lav-mics just to name a few. Subscribe to The Beers And Cameras channel here.


ZKIN’s story begins in 2009. Their camera bags are not just for your cameras but also for carrying your personalities and fashionable images. Us, together with their bags, have produced social media and catalog photography, photoshoots and mini-movie advertisement for use on their web and on social. ZKIN digs into manufacturing technology and design aesthetics on bags by using contrasting colors to make you shine with the ZKIN style. Sample pictures here.

Bartender bottle opener

Centri Designs

Centri Designs developed the carbon fiber Bartender Bottle Opener with your needs in mind. This material is perfect for exceeding anything you have seen before. Weighing as much as a nickel, it is incredibly strong and nearly unbendable . Sample pictures here.


LensTAAB offers a novel way of attaching a tab to your lens. Made ultra tough.  TAAB stays on – slips off with ease. Adding a tab to your lens has never been easier!-LensTab. Same pictures here.