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Aloha Friday Camera Club Pop-Up!

Aloha Friday Camera Club is having their first Beers And Cameras Pop-Up on Aug 16th!

Beers And Cameras meet-ups are bi-weekly to monthly gatherings attended by photographers, videographers, and creatives looking to build a stronger local community where networking and collaboration is encouraged. Beers And Cameras meets at top local breweries and restaurants with a strong indie-beer list. They normally occur in the evenings.

There will also have a Cruise/Photo Walk in Kakaako led by Anthony Consillio @consilliophotog. More details to come.

Bringing your camera to the event is encouraged.

Free T-shirts, stickers, and giveways from Beers & Cameras, Aloha Friday Camera Club, and more.

During these events, posting to your personal social media accounts is encouraged. The venues visited will often repost the photos uploaded and will receive a link with photos from those who want to share them. The venues are free to use these photos on their social media accounts, tagging the photographer and meet-up group's Instagram and Facebook accts. Share as much or as little as you like, there is no requriment to post and events are open to all.



1) Aloha Beer Co. in Kakaako: 6:30pm