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Beers And Cameras San Diego

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We’ll be doing another Photo Critique during our regular Beers And Cameras meet-up in San Diego. Please sign-up below and bring up to 3 printed digital or film photos up to 8x10 in size. We’ll do quick intro on the process for our critique and then display all the images on tables next to a sheet of paper for commenting. Comments should be positive in nature and when providing negative feedback to what could have been improved upon, stated in a positive nature. Categories to observe and comment on are composition, how it makes you “feel”, what or whom is the subject and why does it make for a good image?

Nelson Photo will be there providing some feedback on images as well as providing 50% off an 8x10 print! Online add “beersandcameras” to the comments/notes and in person mention the 50% off for Beers And Cameras. Visit Nelsons’ website here.

Guide for how to critique an image can be found here.

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1) Belgian Beer and Waffle : 6-7:30pm


2) North Park Beer Co.: 7:30-10:00pm