Lead YOUR Own Chapter

With the overwhelming interest we have gotten for starting new chapters around the globe, B&C is establishing a Phase of submissions for all interested in being meet-up leads. Please click on "LEAD" button below to get on the list for your particular city/state. After receipt, your name will be added to the list according to your city/state and an indicator will be added to the map. Phase 1 will end March 1st, 2017 followed by submittal reviews, information regarding annual fees and phone/Skype Interviews to establish if you are the perfect fit. Only one lead per city will be chosen.

Are you a leader?

Leading a chapter in your city is not all fun and games. It takes hard work, dedication, love of photography and an understanding of people to be successful. There is no wage earned as a lead, but you will form part of a larger community, lead by a team with HUGE plans for the future. Advantages include; networking, brand affiliation, special opportunities and more.